So what exactly is Fold Project?

Fold project is a range of flat-pack homeware for indoor and outdoor use. It's made from a fully recyclable, near indestructible plastic and uses a fold and lock principle which is mimicked throughout the range. Each product is made from one piece and uses no fixtures or extra components. Nice and simple.

We plan to make stools, eating-sets, containers, large and small bowls, satchels and much much more.

Why is it different to other homeware?

When folded up, pressure holds the shape together. When force is applied to points of stress, for example the seat of the stool, the material flexes in a way that distributes pressure to the parts which are the strongest. This enables the stool, for example, to withstand 300kg+ being only 3mm thick. When not in use, the entire fold project range can be completely flattened and stored in draws, along walls, under stairs, anywhere really.

So when will you guys be launching?

Our goal is to launch our first 3-piece product range by February of 2015. We plan to launch a new product every 90 days after that.


Where is your stuff made?

Each and every one of our pieces are made in New Zealand. We meticulously quality check each product before it reaches you.


What is your returns policy?

We truly believe in this product. If your fold project piece has fallen apart by natural causes in it's first 90 days of use, send it back and we'll send you a brand new one absolutely free.


Where will you be selling?

In the beginning, New Zealand and Australia at carefully selected stores and online from